Chapter vs Episode

Chapter vs episode by Anelette S.
Chapter vs episode by Anelette S.

A Chapter is a main division of a book. Chapter 1 “The boy who lived” Harry Potter an the sorcerer’s stone by J.K Rowling.   An Episode is each of the separate instalments into which a serialized story or radio or television programme is divided:

  • “The final episode of The walking dead”
  • The new episode of “Game of thrones”

Nouns and Pronouns.

Nouns and pronouns. By: Anelette
Nouns and pronouns. By: Anelette

Nouns are words that represent people, places, objects, emotions, ideas, things.
Nouns can be:

  • Proper nouns: Name of places, Days of the week, Months of the year, Names and Last names, Countries, Cities. Write proper nouns with Capital Letter.
  • Common nouns: the rest of the nouns are common nouns. A chair, a doctor, a dog, teacher, mother. Write common nouns with lower-case letter.

Pronouns: Words that substitute or take place of a noun.

Singular pronouns:                                        Plural pronouns:

I                                                                        We

You                                                                   They

She                                                                    You